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If you are a cycling enthusiast, Anchor Caravan Park is the perfect place for you.  Right on our door step, we have some of the most sought after cycling routes in the whole of Ireland.

Check out our favourites below!

It's important to note that this is only a small snippet of what's truly available for you to enjoy. 


Distance: 16 km

Starting point: Anchor Caravan Park

Finishing point: Anchor Caravan Park

Grade: Easy to Moderate

This route will take you to a mountain forestry via travelling through a vastly green valley. Leaving Anchor Caravan Park you will cycle only on small country roads and enjoy a moderate incline up through the valley and to the forestry.

Enjoy the views, stop off at Lough Slat before heading to the top lake of Lough Caum. Take a walk around the lake, have a picnic, listen to nature before heading back down the hill via alternate route. This will bring you to dirt roads seldom used by cars so you will have it all to yourself. You will meet up with the main road again. 


Distance: 55 km

Starting point: Dingle (20 minutes from 'The Anchor')

Finishing point: Dingle

Grade: Moderate

A beautiful loop around the best of what the county has to offer in terms of scenery and landmarks.  This short route offers fantastic value for its length with stunning scenery and Atlantic coastline as well as beautiful landmarks such as Coumeenoole Beach and Gallarus Oratory, an early Christian church overlooking Smerwick Harbour. This is a cycle that should be high on anyone’s bucket list for exploring Kerry and is accessible to everyone. Please note that the route, although short, is on rolling roads, meaning a good variety of gentle ups and downs. As these roads are unsheltered, they can be subject to some strong Atlantic breezes. However, the route is not too strenuous and is regularly completed by by people of all fitness levels and abilities. 

Image by Matthias Hundeloh

Distance: 45 km

Starting point: Anchor Caravan Park

Finishing point: Anchor Caravan Park

Grade: Moderate

This is a meandering cycle partly among the sand-dunes of the Maharees peninsula west of Tralee on the Dingle peninsula. A lovely, lazy day promises with mountains, sea, sand and lung fulls of fresh air.

Leaving Anchor Caravan Park, you will travel left towards Camp and onwards to Annascaul where straight away stunning views are your reward. A kilometre after the village turn right for Foilatrisnig and descend into Gleann nGealt where you will find streams, wild flowers and abundant foliage.  Descend the valley and head left towards Castlegregory.  Once through Castlegregory, you will head onwards through and around the Maharees Tombolo and back through Castlegregory towards the Anchor Caravan Park again.

Image by David Marcu

Distance: 85 km

Starting point: Anchor Caravan Park

Finishing point: Anchor Caravan Park

Grade: Difficult

The Conor Pass is one of Ireland’s highest and most spectacular roads. Rising to 1,500 ft with a 5km climb from east to west, this is a climb that will live long in the memory. The Connor Pass is very strenuous, a tough climb with a 7.3 degree gradient. It can be windy coming towards the top and the descends are dangerous if not careful as well as having to content with busy summer traffic.  The big bonus after travelling over The Conor Pass is the chance to experience Dingle, a vibrant town that gives the visitor that instant ‘I’m on holidays’ feeling. Stop here and enjoy the view, a coffee and some ice cream before heading on the road again to Annascaul, Camp and back home to Anchor Caravan Park.

Image by Hanna May
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