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Whether you are looking to enjoy a relaxing stroll or embark on a strenuous hike, the landscapes that surround Anchor Caravan Park will never fail to delight.

Check out some of our favourite walks, hikes & climbs below!


Walk distance: 8.5 km

Starting point: Lower forestry car park

Finishing point: Lower forestry car park

Grade: Easy to Moderate

A short 5 minute drive from Anchor Caravan Park you will discover the beautiful Glentenassig Forestry. As you enter the forestry, there is a car park for you to leave your car. You can walk from this car park all the way up to the top of the forestry where you will find Lough Caum, a stunning lake that has a board walk that circles the entire lake.  This is raw nature at its best!

The first opportunity to experience the beauty of the Glanteenassig Loop Walk is about 1.2 km from the car park. Just after crossing a wooden bridge, take a left along the trail to the shore of Lough Slat. This quiet lake lies below dramatic cliffs of Carrigaspanaig. It is easy to understand the origin of the name Glentenassig or  Gleann Ti an Easaigh (in Irish) which translates to the Valley of the Waterfalls. Glentenassig Forestry is an easy to moderate 2 hour walking route on paths through the woodlands.  

If you are looking for a more gentle walk, drive past the first car park and continue driving to the top of the forestry where you will find a second car park at Lough Caum.  Here you can park you car and enjoy a gentle walk of approximately 30 minutes around the lake board walk.


Hike distance: 11 km

Elevation: 3,000 ft

Starting point: Faha, Cloghane

Finishing point: Faha, Cloghane

Grade: Difficult

Mount Brandon is the highest mountain in Ireland outside of The MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. A hike up Mount Brandon will take you to the highest point of the Dingle Peninsula and is one of the great mountain walks on the Wild Atlantic Way. Mount Brandon, located as it is at the end of the Dingle Peninsula and climbs 3000 ft above the surrounding ocean offers wonderful views of wild Ireland.

Mount Brandon sits in the middle of a range known as the Brandon group. It takes its name from St. Brendan the Navigator, who was thought to have spent 40 days on the mountain preparing for his voyage to America. To the pilgrims who climb the mountain every year, Mount Brandon is sacred. For ordinary hikers, it can be an exhilarating challenge.  


There’s a clear path from Faha grotto leading along the slopes of the Faha Ridge. For the first part of the hike, the path slowly gains height along the ridge. A lower path leads into a glaciated valley, where the Pater Noster lakes glimmer on a sunny day. From there, the route gets steeper and the final stretch to the summit is the toughest bit. The Faha route generally takes 4-5 hours to complete.

The pathway is clearly marked and therefore it can be followed with ease within your own group or else guided tours are available.

Image by Nils Nedel

Hike distance: 10 km

Elevation: 1,600 ft

Starting point: Glennahoo, Scraggane

Finishing point: Glennahoo, Scraggane

Grade: Difficult

15 minutes from Anchor Caravan Park will set up for the Machanabo & Glennahoo River Valley Loop Walk. It is a strenuous 4.5 hour (10 km) walking route with a great ridge walk to Beenbo Mountain and back through the picturesque Glennahoo River valley west of Tralee. This walk is only a short drive from Tralee. If you are willing upon reaching the summit you could cross over and decent into Annascaul Lake but the you would need a second car or a pick up arranged. Very achievable with great views on both side.


Walk distance: 10 km

Starting point: Sandy Bay Beach

Finishing point: Sandy Bay Beach

Grade: Easy

The Maharees Heritage Trail is a scenic, coastal walk, completing a circuit of the Maharees tombolo. This enjoyable 10km trail follows the Maharees coastline taking in the three bays surrounding the Maharees peninsula - Tralee Bay, Scraggane Bay and Brandon Bay. The walk visits five of the six villages on this narrow peninsula and highlights cultural and environmental points of interest.

Just 10 minutes away from Anchor Caravan Park, you can use Sandy Bay Beach as your starting/finishing point for the easy & delightful walk.


Walk distance: 20 km

Starting point: Fahamore Beach

Finishing point: Fahamore Beach

Grade: Easy

This walk takes you along the Brandon Bay collection of beaches which stretches over 10 km from Fahamore to Fermoyle.  Using Fahamore Beach as your starting point, you will be able to walk 10 km along uninterrupted sandy beach all the way to Fermoyle Beach, at the foot of Mount Brandon. Once you've reach Fermoyle you can return your way to Fahamore, taking in this beautiful scenery from a different perspective.

Of course, if at any stage the walk becomes too long you need only turn around and head on back.  But from end to end, this walk is 20 km of flat, easy to walk beach with firm sand.  At the end of your adventure we recommend that you stop in Spillanes Bar & Restaurant located at Fahamore Beach for either a refreshing drink or amazing fresh & local food, you will deserve it upon completing your walk!  This truly is a great way to spend your afternoon.

Brandon Bay.JPG

Hike distance: 10 km

Elevation: 2,200 ft

Starting point: Conor Pass

Finishing point: Conor Pass

Grade: Moderate

Conor Pass, Houlihans Bean Mountain and Croaghskearda mountain loop walk is a moderate 4 hour hiking route from the Conor Pass car park (which sits at 1,300 ft) to the summit of Houlihans Bean (2,200 ft) and Croaghskearda Mountain Ridge (2,000 ft).


The start of the walk is where most of the climb is and this is made easier by taking the Green Road path. From then on this mountain walk is relatively easy, as there is very little height gain to the summit of each mountain with absolutely spectacular and invigorating scenery to both the north and south of the Dingle Peninsula. The views along all of this route are breathtaking on this glaciated landscape of mountains and corrie lakes. On a good day there are views as far as the Aran Islands off County Galway and the mountains of Connemara.

Conor Pass in Dingle, Ireland..jpg
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